Okanogan Family Reunion '98

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 There is a glacier in that mist.Cute little fellows aren't they.It was a pretty if long ride up the lake.As we got into the highter mountains there were more trees.This little guy posed for the camera.Hundreds of these guys at the Skagit River ResortDiane Modeled with our rented pickup truck.Here we all are.Donna David and Austin. David waits for Donna and AustinElizabeth Robert Rondi and Shacti.Rondi and Shacti.C-Ann and MarissaCurt says Lu says Austin Taking a break while Claudette checks out the bank.David did not like the bright sun.Jay says Marrisa and C-AnnI forget what we were looking at.Now there is something on the other side.I just missed a shot of her giving him a kiss. Our Okanogans.Marrisa Lu Curt C-annThe AndersonsGoofy says Pretty dam nice ? Iits a big dam.This is the Colombia River as it leaves the dam.Dam Big. Wish we had stayed there. Vacation time. The blur on the horizon is RaineerThe eggs were the same as chicken eggs .except it fed 12 people.