Family Pictures

My great niece Shakti guiding a raft on the Colorado River last summer.

Austin Lee AndersonAustin Lee Anderson at 2

This is Austin Lee Anderson. The newest addition to the family, Named for his great Grandfather. Who you will see below. His dad has more pictures of him and other family pictures in his online photo album.

  Jessica and Michael LathropJessica and Michael Lathrop in hats

Here are Jessica and Michael Lathrop. They are my great niece and nephew.


1956.jpgThis is a picture taken in October 1956. Across the back are: Robert Theodore Anderson, Marion Wilcox Lathrop, Austin Douglass Lathrop, Curtis Ames. In the front row are: Elizabeth Lathrop Anderson, Jonathan Austin Lathrop, James Ellsworth Lathrop, Lucile Lathrop Ames.


Dad and me This is my favorite picture of my father and me.



I just love these pictures of  my mother.

Austin Douglass Lathrop ages 2-48

  Wilcox family of Putnam CT. circa 1912


The Wilcox Family of Putnam CT around 1910.

Thanks to Elizabeth, we have names as provided by Marion in the 70's.

Top left to right: Jessie Wilcox, Wyman Wilcox, Fred Wilcox, Fred Cokely, Ellsworth Wilcox, Ernest Wilcox, Charles Wilcox Jr.

Middle: Marion W. Lathrop, Helen Benson Wilcox, Ella Wilcox Cokely, Moses Wilcox, James Wilcox, Charles Wilcox, Hanna Carpenter Wilcox, Emma Wilcox Edsen, Ina Perry Wilcox, _____ Wilcox.

Bottom: Henry Wilcox, Harold Wilcox, Helen Cokely Kelley, Byron Wilcox, Alice Edsen Joslin, Merton Cokely, Walter Wilcox, Freida Wilcox.

Full size copy to print out here: Wilcox.jpg


Here are 6 generations of mothers and daughters. Can you put them in the proper order?


Sarah Blackstone BensonThomas Benson


Sarah Blackstone Benson and Thomas Benson

My mother's grand parents. I would appreciate it if any one could identify his uniform. Right click and chose view image to see a full size view of any image.

Here is our house in Riverdale. This was taken on a dry autumn af ternoon. Everything was completely parched.


horse.jpgDiane and I rode these horses during our trip out west in 1995 for Lucile's birthday. We went to Spruce Wilderness Lodge in Kamloops B.C. It was really a pleasure


Here we are with Goofy and Grey One.


Here is Goof as a little kitten. created with MS NOTEPAD

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